DIB has deservedly the most irreproachable reputation. The bureau realizes its activity in Dnipro city and Dnipro region, in all Ukraine regions and also on territory of CIS countries and bar foreign countries. Such successful  practice of professional cooperation gives possibility to decide on distance the most serious problems of clients, which addressed to defectives for information’s to decide any question on the place in case if it’s necessary. We , undoubtedly, guarantee the confidence in our activity, we give the services to clients incognito, we conduct investigation and information’s collection for anonymous client.
In our company are highly skilled specialists of the widest profile: professionals of private-docents, experienced masters of operational work, experts-criminalists, psychologists, graphologists and polygraph logy specialists. Everybody of them have the highest qualification, the practice of many years confirm their professionalism. Addressing to us for the help and different consultations for decision of your problems, you can be sure 100% in our irreproachable honesty and decency. Our detective bureau in Dnipro city can help you to decide successfully any actual, delicate and important problems.
We give the most needed services on today’s market: dangerous situation prevention, which are connected with practice of undesirable observation for you; collection of information about  your business partners; exposure of conjugal infidelity facts; search and location where abouts search of the relatives and legatees; arrangements for the living rooms cleaning from installed there interception devices and hidden from view  video-camera; by polygraph checking (lie detector); out-door observation (photo, video). So, for example private-docent in Dnipro-city can find your children’s location and communication circle of your son or daughter. Will the aim to prevent your child from involving in criminal activity, early and undesirable sex relations or drug addiction. Every case, which we observe, is single and unique. That’s why we work with each client individually.
By reason that in Ukraine such kind of the activity still this time is not regulated, we are registries as Media center, what let us (our bureau) to realize journalist investigation in corresponding rights field.

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